The project involves 8 main Work Packages (WPs)

1.)     Management and Co-ordination

2.)     Opening access through validation of prior learning experience

The creation of a sustainable LLL-culture in HE for practitioners to study beside their work is at the heart of the project. This needs, first of all, a shared and acknowledged concept of validation of the learning outcomes by the practitioners (professionals in the field of LLL), including a knowledge base on validation. Secondly, it needs a modular, basic programme for practitioners to prepare for and to strengthen their personalized LLL-approach.

3.)     Flexibilisation and labour market orientation of the Master programme

This WP deals with the main tasks of implementation. Firstly, establishing a legal basis for the relationships of the cooperating universities in a European educational policy environment reflected by the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). Secondly, and more importantly, updating and re-designing the curriculum of the EMAE so that students and practitioners can find a more direct correspondence with their experience that can be documented, recognised and validated (transferred into credits within the MA programme), or to the labour market.

4.)     European Doctorate Programme in ALE

The Doctorate School has the task of identifying pathways of innovation and quality of higher education, the definition of theoretical models and methodologies for research training, with particular reference to paths designed to meet new challenges and include appropriate professional career development opportunities.

5.)     Summer Academies

Find information about the first Summer Academy here

6.)     Evaluation and Quality assurance

7.)     Dissemination

8.)     Exploitation