The Department of Education and Psychology of the University of Florence organizes the International Conference in object in order to share the results of the European researches PEBBLE-Prison Education Basic skills Blended Learning and ESRALE-European studies and Research in Adult Learning and Education, funded by the European Commission. Moreover the Conference will explore the PRIN EMP&Co project, funded by the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research.

The conference will run over two days and the overall theme is the construction of professionalism for the graduates in the fields of formation, teaching and much more. The reflection on the Higher Education dimension closely linked to the development of employability will be a cornerstone of conversations designed for students and practitioners.

The topics to be discussed in the first day of the conference, entitled “Learning as game-changer in prisoners’ life span. ICT-supported educational practices” (10 December 2015), are the original results of an experimentation of innovative didactic in prison (through a blended/embedded learning approach). While the second day, entitled “Employability and Transitons: Dialogues among Education, Politics and Labour Market” (11 December 2015), the issues assessing the influence of guidance and job placement on the creation of social work will be integral part of the event.

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A simultaneous translation service, English-to-Italian and Italian-to-English (10 December 2015), and a linguistic support service (11 December 2015), will be offered through-out the Conference

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